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At Plan B Charters we enjoy taking the next generation of aspiring anglers out, to experience the joy of fishing"


 These trip is Perfect for kids as the waters are generally calmer and is a shorter travel time to 10 min from the marina

Share your love for the ocean with your kiddos and give them an unforgettable family memory of their vacations in cancun

and they will have some great stories to tell their friends back home

Plan B Charters offer specialized kids fishing trips.

We offer 3 differents trips for the kids, depending of the ages for the kids


to customize your trip from 2 or 3 hours to fit your needs, depending on the ages of your young anglers, instead of a minimum of 4 hours. On kids fishing trips, we venture into the calm waters of the Destin Harbor and Choctawhatchee Bay, staying close by to maximize your fishing time. While on the boat, your captain will take their time to explain different types of fish and gear to the children. On each trip, there is also a possibility of seeing different types of sea life like dolphins and sea turtles. Our company's goal is to get the kids on any species of fish that will provide the best possible action at the time of your fishing trip to keep them entertained. With the limited amount of time on 2-hour charters, these trips are primarily catch and release. Destin Kids Charters offers a high level of customization, from taking the kids fishing to cruising around looking for dolphins. The boat is equipped with a small bathroom, making it very family-friendly for the kids. Come join us to catch your next family memory of a lifetime in cancun

The reefs are the perfect fishing spots for children, not to far from shore and plenty of fish

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