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f you are looking for good flats to fish in Isla Blanca or fish for thorns, without a doubt, the world-famous floors of Boca Iglesias and Chacmuchuc lagoon are your best option.  Blanca Island is just 50 minutes from the hotel zone of Cancun and (worth it) and its world-famous flats.  We choose the area according to your preference or weather conditions.  Light tackle fishermen will find many opportunities to catch different species and spend an excellent day.

If you are a beginner or if it is the first time you fly fishing, we will primarily target schools with small prickly fishes (1-2 pounds), because the school is easier to see, can throw near the edge of the school and will compete for  his flies (most of the time).  When your eyes get used to seeing spiny fish swimming or relaxing with spiny fish and throwing themselves into the wind, then the guide will work on the planes placing the wind on his back and help him detect the fish.  Barracudas, Snappers and Jacks complement the menu.



$450 usd

Wind protection is one of the great advantages of this area.  Unlike the Bahamas, here we can fish thorns 365 days a year.  Of course, in Tulum and the entire Yucatan Peninsula we have very windy days, from the southeast, east and north, but we can always find protected flats or lagoons where we can see and throw spiny fish, permits, shadles, bass, cats, barracudas.  , Spanish mackerels and other species.


  • 8 hrs of guided fishing

  • 1 rod with reel per person/fly or spinning

  • 4 sandwiches

  • waters

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